Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Neck Pillow

I am really enjoying my new sewing machine. It is so fun to find the fabric & create something. If you have been following this blog at would know that my hubby is off playing soldier. He has been on numerous flights during the month & plenty more in the near future. On one of his visits to the airport...he sent me a picture asking me to make him a neck pillow. It had to be light weight due to weight restrictions. I didn't take any pictures, but here is what I did.

I purchased some anti pill fleece {1/2 yard...with a little left over}. I cut a u-shape pattern out of a large piece of easel paper {you could also use a paper bag}. Using your pattern....cut out two u-shaped pieces out of the fleece.

Pin right sides together & sew around the edges of your pillow...leaving a small opening to flip pillow right side out. Once you have turned the pillow right side out...stuff it. We opened up an old pillow & stuffed the neck pillow with the stuffing from it. It was a great way to use what we already had! We stuffed it very full!!

Once you have stuffed your pillow..whip stitch the pillow closed. This is a great tutorial on an invisible whip stitch. It was perfect!!!

Here is the finished product. Hubby loves it. He is excited to use it {as excited as he could be to fly AGAIN!!!} is so comfy that he fell right to sleep. {He is a good faker!!!}

I am going to make the boys each a neck pillow next. Their booster seats just don't give them support when they are asleep. I will take step by step pictures when I make theirs!

Here is a tutorial, but I think it is pretty simple without one.

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