Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a bird...It's a plane...

Nope!  It is Super Tooth!!!

I have had this idea bookmarked FOR.EV.ER!!!  I knew that Kaden had to be losing a tooth soon.  He has been waiting to have a loose tooth since Kindergarten last year.

This weekend, we were eating corn on the cob & Kaden started complaining that his teeth hurt.  He seemed a bit alarmed by the whole thing at first.  I felt his little tooth wiggle & I SCREAMED!!!  Yes, I was so excited that I actually screamed & grabbed his little face to give it a kiss.  Okay, enough of my story. 

Super Tooth is Kaden's new little tooth pillow.  The idea & tutorial are over at mmmcrafts.  The tooth's mouth is a little pocket to keep the new lost tooth in.  Then, the Tooth Fairy will leave the reward inside of the pocket.  I love this idea & it makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy.  There are different variations.  I saw a Tooth Marshall, a Tooth Officer, a cute Tooth Ballerina, & a Tooth Fairy.  I came up with the Super Tooth idea.  My boys are really into Super Heroes.  Another fun tooth pillow idea is a Tooth Pirate.  I let Kaden pick & he jumped right on the Super Tooth idea. 


  1. Be ready when that tooth pops out. You will love this FREE Tooth Fairy keepsake:

  2. What a cute idea!!
    I received this blog award today and I'm paying it forward to you! I hope you will pay it forward as well :)

    Have a great day!

  3. That's incredible! Love the fun!! Here's my latest sewing project:

  4. Such a great idea!


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