Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Menu Planning

I have really been struggling with dinner lately.  I have every intention of cooking for the family, but I'll be honest...sometimes we eat cereal for dinner.  If you live in may have heard of The Food Nanny.  My Mom & I met her at a fun craft fair called Swiss Days.  Her cookbook is amazing & she is really cute.  My Mom bought it & I have sampled some of her recipes.  YUM!!!  One thing that caught my eye was her Menu Plan.  I love the idea of having a "theme" for each day of the week.  She recommends that you plan two weeks worth of meals at a time.  I have done this for years & it makes a HUGE difference.  Those little jaunts to the store REALLY add up & I find myself wanting to just "go & grab something"!

I decided to make my own Menu Plan with my own "theme" nights.  I will post my theme category list in the next little bit.  My plan is to have a list of meals that my family enjoys for each "theme" night.  That way, I just have to consult my list to plan for each 2 week period.

Here is the Menu Plan that I made up with my theme nights listed.

and here is one without the theme nights listed so that you can write your own in.

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute calendar; makes you instantly want to plan ahead. I've been slaking off in the meal planning arena, but I'm determined to jump right back in :)



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