Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laptop case

Back in July, I saw a great tutorail to make a zippered laptop case from Crap I've Made.  {LOVE her blog by the way...the name enough is great!!!}  I have been planning on making it, but never really got around to it...until today!!!  I used minky inside to give my laptop a nice, cozy place to hang out.  I love the feel of that stuff {it reminds me of little man because his keke or blanket is made out of that}.  If I can do it...so can you!!!  The zipper was the only part that threw me off for a while {that is why picture tutorials are so great!!!}, but in the end it turned out great & now my laptop has a fun place to hang out in.  Now, I just need somewhere to take it!!!


  1. I love it! It turned out fabulous! I'll have to make one for when I don't want my big case!

  2. So cute! (And I totally have that very fabric in my sewing room right this moment!)



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