Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colorful Canvas

Months ago I had the boys paint their own canvas for their room, but we never hung them up. Their room is pretty I decided to redo them & use them to decorate their room. I came up with the idea last night & could hardly wait to get them finished today. Here is the finished product.

I just took coordinating paper & modge podged it onto the canvas. Then, I did another layer of modge podge to seal the design. The little robots are chipboard robots that I spray painted red. They came with faces, so I covered it again with paper (& modge podge). I love how they turned out. I just can't decide if I should leave them how they are or add their initial to the canvas. Now, we just need to get their room painted :)!


  1. How fun! Did the paper come distressed like that?

  2. It was already distress...I love this paper. Sadly, this was the end of it!

  3. Way cute idea for a kids room or play room.I love the paper and bright colors.

  4. Love this, Tiff! What did you do on the edges? Did you just wrap the paper around to the back?

  5. Thanks Nat! I just painted the sides. The paper is only on the front.



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