Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gettin' Girlie

My sil is due to have my newest niece in less than a month. Today is her baby shower. I wanted to make something cute & foofie. I have two I like to act out on the little girls in my family. Last night I decided to hurry & make her a tutu. It was really pretty simple. I bought some elastic, tulle, & little flowers to sew on.

First decide how big you need it. I did about 12 inches for a tiny baby tutu. Sew it to make the waistband. I used 1/4 in elastic. You could also use the cute colored adult headbands & trim it down to size.

Then, cute your tulle to length. I did mine 6 inches wide by about 14 inches. Figure how long you want the tutu down from the was & double it. So, my tutu is 7 inches from the I cut mine to 14 inches.

Fold your fabric in half & hold it by the top "loop". Starting from the middle, slide your loop under the elastic to the outside of the elastic. Then take the ends & thread them through the loop. Pull tight. Continue until the elastic is all covered.

For a finishing touch, I sewed on the cute little flowers.

I did this (shopping & assembly) in one really was easy.

I really hope that Tiffany & Ryan like it for little Paige!

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