Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Costumes I managed to get our costumes done just in time for Halloween. We were lawn gnomes.

First off...I want to tell you how hard it was to keep a straight face for this picture. We had to take the picture a few times & ended up kicking my brother out of the room. This was the best face we could get. Hubby however...could do the straight face all day long. back to the costumes....I covered adult party hats with red felt with E6000. That strong of glue was maybe a bit overdone, but I wanted to be sure that it was secure. For the beard, I just bought some fur type stuff & free handed a beard shape. I glued the beard to the inside of the hat. I used the scraps of fur for the eyebrows...once again secured by E6000.

I found hubby's pants & my shirt and skirt at a thrift store. it was difficult to find a skirt that was LONG enough! The suspenders are belts from the dollar store that I sewed into suspenders. My apron is just a giant piece of felt that I cut into the shape of a long apron. I think I spent about $15.00 total for both costumes.


  1. Great costumes! They turned out really good!

  2. Those are seriously funny! Way to go and thanks for sharing. Now what are you going to be this year?




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