Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils

I have been wanting to try out Freezer Paper Stencils for a while. I have made quiet a few shirts now & feel like I can tell you how to make them...

Here is the latest freezer paper stencil that I did. The circle is done with this technique. The "K" & lightening bolt are an applique.

You will need...

Freezer Paper {about $5 at Walmart-in the plastic wrap/foil section}
Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
I also like to use a self healing pad
a template for your design {I use photoshop or google the silhouette you are looking for.}
a shirt or something to stencil. {Joanns has really nice shirts that I like to use for pajamas on sale for $3. Walmart has nice solid shirts for about $3.50...just unpick the pocket.}

Here are a few of the items pictured....

I use Tulip Fabric Paint. I have used the "matte" & "pearle" version & like them both. The "pearle" has a little shimmer to it. You can buy it a craft stores & I have seen it at Walmart too.

Place your stencil under your freezer paper. There is a shiny side & a dull side on freezer paper. You want the shiny side to be down. Cut out your design as carefully as you can. Any thing that you cut will show on your shirt or whatever you are stencilling.

Once you have your design cut out. Place the freezer paper shiny side down onto your shirt. Place it how you want it & then iron it down. Be careful not to catch the stencil with the can tear {speaking from experience}. Make sure that all of your edges are ironed onto the shirt & there are not gaps.

BEFORE YOU START PAINTING...TAKE ANOTHER SHEET OF FREEZER PAPER & PLACE IT INSIDE OF THE SHIRT. This will keep your paint from bleeding to the back of the shirt.

Paint from the outside in. If you go inside to outside...your paint could catch the stencil & bleed out. Try not to do too many coats, but do enough to cover the area.

Once you have painted the whole thing...let it dry. I am not a patient person & I struggle with this.

Once your paint has dried, pull off the freezer paper.

Using a cloth {I use an old pillow case}, cover the painted design & iron over the design to set it.

Then...share the joy with your little ones!

If you need more info on doing an applique...leave a comment. I will also link to the tutorial that I used to make the pajama shorts soon.

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