Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers

I am in the process of planning a Superhero Party for my 6 year old. I have a tendency of wanting to go over the top, but can't justify spending the $$...so then I end up over doing it with the things that I make. I have been thinking about this. Who am I decorating for? Am I decorating for the birthday boy or to impress everyone else? Does he care if I have awesome coordinating centerpieces? I don't think he cares about that. So, I am going to try to simplify this party. I am going to try to use things that I already have around the house or other ways to simplify the party & make it all about Kaden. Here is my first simplified project.

I usually make the boys a super cute coordinating birthday cake, but end up being stressed & on edge finishing the cake before the party. So, to fix that I am going to order cupcakes from Sam's Club {simplify...simplify}, but I wanted to make some cute cupcake toppers for the party. At first I was going to make fondant or gum paste stars, but didn't have anything for them. I have seen some cute pinwheel cupcake toppers & I already had the paper for them...SCORE!!! I couldn't find a tutorial on how to make them. So, with a little trial & error...I thought that I would share it with you!

You will need:

3x3 inch squares of paper {double sided would be great, but mine is one sided}
picks or sucker sticks {my picks are from the party store, but you can find sucker sticks at most craft stores}
double sided tape or glue

Here are my 3x3 squares.

I liked to poke a hole in the center of my square...that way it was easier to gage where to cut. Cut a slit from each corner, but do not cut all the way through the center. Then poke a hole through every other corner like pictured below.

I found it easiest to line up each hole with the center hole before starting to put the brad in. You don't want to crease the fold.

Starting at one corner...place the brad in. Work your way around & then put it through the middle hole.

Here is the finished pinwheel's back.

At first, I used double stick tape to keep the pick attached, but ended up putting glue on top of that to make sure it stuck. You might have to decided what works best for you.

The finished product. I will post pictures of the picks in the cupcakes after the party in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for a few more things I will be doing for the party. It will be fun & cute, but simply...just like the kids like it!


  1. They are adorable. I've made pinwheels before, but I didn't think to use brads. Brilliant!



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