Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I came across "she left proof" and "she left proof". They talk about Mom's not being in pictures because we are always BEHIND the camera. I know that I am guilty of the same thing. I am hardly ever in any pictures & when I am I criticize how I look...{my hair is a mess, i look fat, i REALLY should have worn makeup that day}. After reading these blog posts...I began to think. Do I ever look back at pictures of my mom & criticize her...NO! I look at the pictures & think how beautiful she is. I am taken back to memories that we shared together. My children deserve the same thing.

Unexpected things happen. You never know what life will bring. I tend to think of moms who unexpectedly pass away, leaving small children behind. Were they in enough pictures?

Am I in enough pictures? I can honestly answer no to that. So, I am going to start a new goal..thank to one of the blog posts above. I will make it a point to take at least one picture of myself with the boys a month. I want to leave my mark on our memories. I want to leave proof that I was there.

Are you in enough pictures with your family or are you the one behind the camera?

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  1. I am so, so guilty of this. I'm going to make an apointment to get a family portrait taken RIGHT NOW.



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