Sunday, September 27, 2009

Decorative Topiary

I have been wanting to make some decorative balls for a while. I came across a blog called That's so Cuegly that made a ton of different variations HERE. This weekend my mom gave me the cutest vase that would be perfect for one of these ideas!

Here is what you need:

a vase
Spanish moss
green moss (not pictured)
small balls
floral foam

The sticks are just from my tree outside. I found the balls while cleaning out the toy box. The Spanish moss & floral foam are from the Dollar Tree.

First I filled the vase with floral foam.

Then, I put hot glue on top of the floral foam & added the Spanish moss.

Set the vase aside. Poke a hole in the bottom of the ball. I just used scissors, but you could use a drill.

I decided that I needed greener moss after I took the "what you will need picture". I bought this at Walmart.

In small sections...put glue on & then put moss over the glue. I used big clumps at first & then filled in the bare spots with the smaller pieces. Keep track of the hole at the bottom of your ball.

Trim your stick to the size that you want. Put them into the floral foam & then stick the balls onto the top. I tied some ribbon on my vase & the sticks.

I will be making some more decorative balls this week!


  1. That's so cute! It is funny when you find someone from your same state. We could have ran into each other somewhere. Maybe or not, I'm in Syracuse. Stop by later this week if you'd like. I'm having a really cute giveaway. Thanks for visiting my site.



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